Hiring And Onboarding

EBSHire is quite simply, the easiest way to manage the onboarding process. PaySuite is the best solution for your applicant hiring process from beginning to end.

EBSHire is designed to provide any size business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to manage the applicant tracking process, We make it easy to manage your applicant tracking and candidate acquisition activities and align them with the organization’s strategic goals and recruiting management processes, so you can ensure everyone is aligned, engaged and accountable. Demo it Now!

Our recruiting software eliminates many time consuming processes, such as data entry, job posting, searching through resumes, and ranking candidates, which allows you to focus more time on recruiting quality candidates.

  • Say goodbye to emails and PDFs.
  • Integrates with your website!
  • Flexible and customizable job applications.
  • Quickly find the most qualified candidates for the job!
  • Save money on new hires with Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program integration.

Applicant Management

Does your applicant management system merely track applicants or does it give you the power to truly MANAGE applicants? From job posting to interviewing to hiring, EBS gives you the power to attract and identify top candidates to deliver the results you expect.

EBS helps HR make better, quicker decisions to uncover the right person for the right job!


Who benefits most from your company’s onboarding process? The employee or the business? At EBS, we think the answer should be both. We use an integrated approach to onboarding that ensures success on both ends. Studies show that the implementation of a solid, structured, onboarding process reduces new hire turnover from 15% to less than 5% and increases productivity by up to 40%.

Organizations spend a lot of time, money, and resources to attract talented employees, don’t let your investment go to waste. Use EBS to make your new employees feel welcome and valued from their first day on the job. Give them the confidence and resources they need to establish a foundation for future success. Onboarding is a perfect opportunity to make long lasting impression on a new hire.