Time And Labor Management

EBSTime will help your organization save time and money; changing the way you can manage your labor costs.

Our time and labor solution helps your company to make better decisions based on timely, accurate labor data. Whether your organization is in a single location or diversified among multiple times zones or even countries, tracking time and labor is more demanding than ever before.

Use EBSTime to automate the wage hoursí calculations and reporting of hours worked, paid and unpaid time based on your organizational policies, enforce leave and attendance policies more efficiently and consistently, and track PTO, LOA and FMLA, etc.

EBSTime collects attendance data and provides powerful reporting and configurability to maximize productivity, gain control over labor costs and reduce your compliance risk.

Are you FLSA compliant?

The simplest way to improve compliance and safeguard your organization from expensive legal actions is to automate your time and attendance system. At EBS, we get it. Thatís why we created EBSTime. Staying in compliance is complicated, time-consuming, and could be costly.

  • EBSTime is easy to install, completely configurable, and implemented in a matter of weeks and not months. All the rules within EBSTime can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization, including rules controlling Payroll Calculation, Attendance Planning, and Employee Scheduling.EBSTime flags absences and missed punches to make it easier for supervisors to ensure that all time sheets are complete and accurate.
  • Cost Accounting codes can be tracked via Job Transfer feature and then exported to your organization's General Ledger application. There is no virtual limit to the number of cost accounting codes which can be created.
  • 508 Compliant: EBSTime is 508 compliant and eliminates information technology barriers for the visually impaired.
  • Employees can be assigned to specific Time Groups that combine processing rules e.g. Lunch, Break, Shifts, Holiday, Work Day, Job Costing rules, and more.
  • Shift Premium Calculations: You can compute shift premiums based on specified Amount/Hour, Flat Amount or Percentage of employee pay rate.
  • Job Costing Capabilities: EBSTime supports unlimited Departments / Jobs. Employees can be assigned to "Home Department" values or enter current or active departments at the Time Clock. Employees can also enter apply current Job Codes to their Time punches.

  • EBS PaySuite Feature LIst - Time

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